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Nope. I’m confident, after a little instruction, you’ll be breaking targets in no-time. If you’re an experienced shooter come have a good time at a private shooting club.


Expect a minimum of 2hrs for a round of sporting clays for 1 to 2 shooters which does not include travel to/from the venue.


I’ve got plenty. If you don’t have a gun or you left yours at home I’ve got you covered with some of the finest around. If you’ve already got a shotgun, feel free to bring your own. 


Costs are dependent upon what type of shooting you want to do, the number of rounds, whether you have ammunition or your own gun. Give me a call anytime and we can discuss your options.

Shooting Clays with Chris

Careful, there’s no going back…

“I’m very serious. I have always enjoyed target shooting with rifles and pistols, but I fear this may have ruined that for me. Hitting my first clay was such a rush. Chris’s instruction was on point leading to the demise of many clays by my hand. I didn’t realize it until after we had finished for the day, but Chris does an exceptional job at keeping it fun. I could see myself spending way too much time on the more difficult presentations. Chris kept me moving and got me in front of presentations that were the perfect level of challenging for my skills. After an amazing afternoon shooting clays, I’m hooked for life. If you you’re looking for a great competitive sport or an afternoon of fun, give Chris a call.” James DiPilla

Chris Rupell

Founder, Instructor, & Host

“I feel there is no better way to spend the day than to be outdoors with family and friends having fun shooting clays.”

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